Posted by: Andreia Felizardo | August 17, 2009

Sudoeste 09

Sudoeste is a Portuguese music festival. This year I was there and it was really cool, not for the music but mostly for the friends and the spirit.

Beach, dust, sleeping in a tent, or two:P, alcohol, friends, Joy… and music:P

Stand out: Buraka Som Sistema – AMAZING concert –The concert, which opened and closed with the song “ Kalemba “ most known by “Wegue”, was excelled for the synchronism between all the components of the show, from light to the sound and the video.

Lily Allen: Everyone was singing and dancing! The song ” fuck you” was the best, clearly:)

Basement Jaxx: They were the last one acting and probably one of the bests. We were all dancing almost for spending the last strength. Great concert;)sudoeste2009

Posted by: Andreia Felizardo | August 17, 2009

Back at work!

Feeling guilty because I’m too lazy to post anything… My holidays were amazing, new friends, new places, new experiences, new feelings… and now I’m kind of absorbing all the new things…

Posted by: Andreia Felizardo | August 4, 2009

James Morrison Concert

6260_101649169846568_100000044573283_47843_8378509_nJames Morrison came to Portugal, Lisbon:) It was a nice concert, not awesome, but cool anyway.


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Do you miss Christmas? I do… specially the holidays 😛 Actually, today is my last day at work! Oh yeah! So, the blog will probably be off for two weeks. Don´t forget-me;)


Jane Schouten

Posted by: Andreia Felizardo | July 27, 2009

Say it with vases

About Say It With Vases:

“Because they fold flat and are made of plastic, people are confused as to how they work.  You may not know what a Say It With Vase is or how it is used on your first encounter.  Don’t Fret…you are not alone!  We have had countless speculation from others.  Their guesses are amusing and range from balloons to stickers to ‘I have no clue’ !   It is great to see their reaction when they fill the vases up!  HAPPY SURPRISE and DELIGHT!

With the unique Say It With Vase you’ll never again have to worry about where to put flowers. If you are taking flowers to someone at their office , to a teacher in her classroom, someone in the hospital, giving them to a loved one, or to your hostess in her home – take one of these vases with you!”cvbxcgbhxg

Say it with vases


Posted by: Andreia Felizardo | July 27, 2009

By Francesco Rota


Posted by: Andreia Felizardo | July 27, 2009

Technological art festival – Brazil

In ‘ TouchMe ‘, of the Dutchmen’s pair Tim Olden and David Kousemaker, the visitor is invited leaving his mark in a sort of frozen wall from glass.

The difference with the glasses of the real life is that, in this installation, the marks left by the public are registered forever and become integrant part of the work.



Posted by: Andreia Felizardo | July 23, 2009

Tim Burton – Alice in Wonderland


Here are extraordinary looks of Tim Burton’s up and coming re-imagination of Alice in Wonderland. From the first looks, it seems that the movie will take shape with the common dark art associated with Tim Burton. Wonderland will be hitting the movie screens on March 2010.

Posted by: Andreia Felizardo | July 23, 2009

Gabriel % Tiago Primo installation


Home furniture installations by the brothers Gabriel & Tiago Primo. Bringing living outdoors and on the edge into a literal view. I did not find the website:(

Posted by: Andreia Felizardo | July 23, 2009


nickcave_6-600x800“Nick Cave’s Soundsuits are physical manifestations of his energy. He has said, ‘I believe that the familiar must move towards the fantastic. I want to evoke feelings that are unnamed, that aren’t realized except in dreams.’”

from: Loud Dreams

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